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About Us

Zest Marketplace is a community of like-minded women who value practicality and making a statement.

A faint flicker of an idea ignited when I repeatedly answered the question, "Where did you get that?!" with, "It's from my sister's closet," with just enough of a straight face to convince the inquirer of that being a real store. It's a place alright, and I loved visiting it (and her). Why search the mall and scour the internet when I could just borrow something from my much more stylish sister?

Which brings me to another important point...a fashionista I am not. I find myself attracted to so many different styles, shapes and forms that it becomes difficult to invest in any of them. Yes, I love any and all occasions that allow me to wear a statement necklace and carry a fabulous clutch (like the day I got to play dress up for the picture below!), but that's not everyday for me. I fully accept and embrace my role as a borrower, occasional investor, in this marketplace.

The concept is a blend of a traditional consignment store and Rent the Runway. Instead of selling your accessories and parting with them forever, or burying them in the back of your closet never to be seen again, why not rent them repeatedly and earn a commission over and over? Bonus! You don't let go of the piece, but you do make room in your closet for new accessories. Visit our For Investors page for information about adding your pieces to the Market. 

  Amanda Tomlinson of Zest Marketplace

We hope to build an experience at Zest Marketplace that's like going to your sister's house and raiding her closet. It's fun, it's familiar, it's guilt free! (But you do have to return them.) Our borrowers appreciate that investors are trusting Zest Marketplace with their accessories, allowing others to wear them, and treat them like their own for a few days. Visit our For Borrowers page for specifics on borrowing from Zest Marketplace.

Please use the form on the Contact Us page to share your thoughts, suggestions and ideas. We'd love to hear them!