No longer trying to make Zest a thing.

Borrowing Dresses

In Beta Mode. 

We’ve hinted at it, but now we’re going for it!

First things first, we need to build a closet full of formal dresses your friends and their friends and their mom's friends will want to borrow. Also talking wedding dresses here. Let someone other than your sister borrow (aka rent) or steal (aka consign) those awesome dresses just hanging in your closet. ⁣

We need formal dresses and separates in all sizes, short and long, but they have to be black tie or destination wedding appropriate. (If you have dresses that don’t quite fit that, we can help you donate them to a wonderful organization...The Sandbox.) 

Send this page to a friend who has too many dresses in her closet! And if that’s you, use the Contact Form to start inzesting your dresses. Check out our Inzesting page for more details. 

Green is good.