If you have it, we will rent it.

Our inventory comes from people just like you! We are building a closet full of accessories from women who not only value style and practicality, but also love to make a statement.

So, we call on you to consider the accessories in your closets. Have a piece (or two, or three, or…) that you love, can’t bear to part with, but don’t wear enough? Invest it! Once added to our Marketplace, that piece you love will start to offer a return on your original investment. However, there are some accessories that we do not want. Like your great great great great grandmother's pearls she carried across the Atlantic on the Mayflower. Please keep those in a very safe place.    

Are you a designer? Get in touch! We love to partner with designers who are looking to build their brand and break into a new market. Adding your pieces to our Marketplace is a great low-risk opportunity to raise brand awareness.

    Ready to invest your accessories?
    Here’s how it works...

    Step 1: Make an "Invest in Zest" appointment.  

    Using the button above, find a time that works for you to meet, either in person or via the internet. If you do not see a slot that works with your schedule (been there!), then please email and we will work something out.

    Step 2: Do a little due diligence.

    Before your appointment, please pull together the following information about your pieces as best you can. 

    • Designer
    • Original retail price
    • Date purchased

    Remember, we only consider accessories that are in like-new condition. If you have something in need of repair or cleaning, we might be able to help you out. 

    Step 3: Appointment time!

    At your appointment we’ll answer any questions you have (or write them down and get back to you ASAP), review our policies and agree to blackout dates for the calendar.

    If you do your homework, we will be able to provide you with fees. If there is research to be done, then we will have to get back to you on that front. 

    Fast facts about joining Zest Marketplace

    • You receive 25% of the fee each time your piece is borrowed.
    • Commission is distributed quarterly via Venmo if you have an account.
    • Zest Marketplace will keep the piece during its time in the Market and will be responsible for pick-ups, drop-offs, shipping and returns.
    • Other benefits include: discounted last minute rentals (pick-up only), first dibs on promo codes and invitations to Zest parties (coming to Charleston and Greenville, South Carolina in 2019!)