"I rented a piece from Zest Marketplace for my best friend's wedding in late July. I could not have been more pleased with the experience. The week before the wedding, I had the wedding day outfit all set but I wanted something a little different for the rehearsal dinner. I had planned to wear a simple black maxi dress and wanted a statement piece to make the outfit pop. I reached out to Zest just a few days before and Amanda had several great options for me. I ended up picking a necklace that was gold and black and it made the outfit. It was so easy and affordable. I really just have a few simple pieces of jewelry that I regularly wear, so I love that I have the option to use Zest for special events or date nights in the future!" - Kelsey

What you rented // Mignonne Gavigan Le Charlot Pearl in black.
The occasion // Date night.
How you styled it // Jeans and a white tee.
Thoughts on Zest Marketplace // So fun!  Great place to find that special something to raise your outfit to the next level." - Meredith 

What you rented: "I rented a sparkly scoop black necklace for the weekend. It was perfect for The occasion:  the bachelorette party I attended. I wore it with jeans and a simple black tank top. How you styled it: I received a ton of compliments. It was super easy and helped expand my Thoughts on Zest Marketplace:  standard wardrobe! I definitely plan to use Zest Marketplace again." - Missy